HS50EXR and F900EXR reviews, continued ...

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F900 as a gift

Yanko Kitanov wrote:

I was wondering regarding the F900EXR as a present to my parents, but there were few useful reviews. Yours is on point as usually and for me on time too. Thanks!

As long as you pre-set it (to KimL's settings) I think these recent F series cameras are quite something.

On a recent trip, I compared my F750 shots to what came out of an EP-1 with 12-50 lens. The M.Zuiko is definitely sharper in the corners at wide angle, but oddly enough, not in the center. Also the EP-1 had to shoot a lot at very high ISO to make up for the slow lens, so images had almost as much noise as F750 images. As a bonus, the F750 delivered some nice long telephoto shots:



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