Fuji X100s or Sony Nex 6 pz 16-50

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What do you want?

sergio2560 wrote:

At the end have arrived to select these two alernative regarding the portability and image quality. both are cameras that allow control over shooting parameters fairly complete. the dilemma is: give up the possibility of having a zoom lens for a more pocket-sized machine with OOC colors that satisfy me more, or choose the option that allows me in the future to expand the range of lenses for new photographic situations? (at the time I take photographs while traveling and to my family, so very disparate situations).

For me the important thing is to have a camera ready for use, which is not wrong focus, allows me to easily adjust shutter speed and aperture and produces good quality images.

That's what you need to ask yourself.

I said in my X100S review that many people would find an ILC more useful if it is their only camera, but that as a conscious choice of fixed focal length it is magnificent. I stand by that and I think the AF performance on the X100S is excellent as is the controllability. But you need to be comfortable that you will only be able to shoot with a 35mm (or 28) FOV. If you aren't, you need an ILC.

If I were to recommend a ILC it would be the X-E1, not the NEX-6, which has too much in common with the  NEX-7 for my liking. Personally I found the AF performance on the NEX-7 I owned was weak (particularly in comparison to the X100S). I found it often inaccurate in low light (it would claim to have focused but had not actually locked). I've found my X100S fast and accurate in comparison (and contraversially I actually think the X-E1/X-Pro1 is better at AF in low light). I think many who struggle fail to adopt the "tricks" of those who have been shooting X cameras for longer - keep your focus box large and switch to AF-C in low light.

If you think you would be comfortable with a fixed focal length (ironically enough, having just bought another DSLR to complement my mirrorless kit, I prefer the 35mm lens I bought to the 24-70 zoom I bought at the same time) I would say get the X100S. If not, I would direct you to the X-E1.

If you do go for the NEX-6, get the Zeiss 24 or Sigma 30 instead of the power zoom, which is weak optically.

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