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So bigger is better?

jrkliny wrote:

Yup, just go out and shoot and don't be concerned about not having improved gear.

People today talk about megapixels with the notion that more is better. Hogwash!! It isn't all about how many there are. Case in point. Many years ago I purchased a Nikon D70, and on the wall of the camera shop was an amazing print of a beautiful young lady. I can't remember the size of the print, but it was very large. Big enough to fill the average wall in a home. I recall asking the salesman that sold me the camera, what was used to produce something so clear and sharp. It was a Nikon D100, which predated my D70 that had a whopping 6.1 megapixels. I can't remember the exact size, but I do know that it was 6.something. Now do we really need more than 18 megapixels or are we all caught up in this manufacturers hype to sell cameras each year by convincing us that more is better. That's what they have done with the P&S bunch. They trade up to what they feel is a much better camera because the new one has oodles more pixels than the one they own . . . which is sufficient for what a P&S is for. I had an old Canon Elf that had 2.1 megapixels and it was fine up to an 8x10, and how many people out there that use a P&S camera blow up a print larger than that. Isn't it the same thing with a pro or semi pro camera. Is 24 better than 18? Is 18 better than 16? I bought my 7D because I wanted to try my hand at BIF photography. I didn't get it because it had 18 megapixels which is more than the Nikon D7000 has that I was looking at. I bought it because I felt it was the right camera for the job . . . and it is. So is having a 7D Mark II with more pixels going to make it a better camera? I don't think so. Anyway, nuff said. You really don't want to hear me rattle on, because there is a chance that I'm wrong . . . and I have been known to be wrong on the odd occasion 



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"The best camera of tomorrow can't shoot a picture today".

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