Killed my d800e

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Re: Killed my d800e

hjaeger wrote:

Never nice to hear about camera's falling on the ground, but I'm pleased that your camera seemed to have survived the ordeal

As I use Acratech as well, I'm curious to understand a little more detail - I have had no previous concern or doubt about my camera being secure on my Acratechs (GP ballhead as well as the Panoramic head)

- Did the camera plate come out of the clamp? Or did the clamp come off the ballhead?

It seems the camera was not in the plate at all - 100% my mistake so it seems  - only the front edge must have been seated...

- In case the camera plate come out of the clamp, was the lever still in locked position? Or did it spring open?

no lever - i have a screw - too many knobs - i have accidentally unscrewed - releasing tension, the camera lock down knob - thinking it was the ball head adjustment knob... each time stopping before camera fell

I am always very cautious to ensure that the camera is locked in and stable before letting go of it, but that is from previous bad experience before investing in my Acratech gear - but it would be good to know if there are specific things to keep an eye on in the future


acratech now has a safety lever clamp - much better design than the screw clamp -

my head is in getting a review and the new clamp

with heavy gear - the head seems to be jerky - not as smooth as i would like - this is being checked over as well...

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