Press events on Tuesday, April 23, 2013?

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Re: Press events on Tuesday, April 23, 2013?

Don Richardson wrote:

TTMartin wrote:

Don Richardson wrote:

Besides, there's this thing called competition. If your competition is offering 24MP's -51pt AF - dual card slots for $1200.00 bucks and your offering 18MP's - 19pt AF and dual card slots for $2200.00 bucks, someone is going to notice they're getting more for their money from your competition and you lose business. Of course, you'll be able to come up with all kinds of excuse's for your short comings but you still lost sales to the new comer to photography and gave your competition a chance to up their % of sales. Competition, sometimes it's an ugly word, especially if you're loosing.

Well given that the 7D is priced within $100 of the D7100, and honestly now that the DPReview D7100 studio shots are up I'm not impressed.

DPReview 7D vs D7100 RAW @ ISO 3200

Also, no one has said that the 7D Mk II is going to have the same sensor as the 100D/SL1, only that the 70D will.

Anyone who complains about the state of Canon's dynamic range, needs to go over to Imaging Resources and download the T4i CR2 file of their sunlit portrait (female mannequin in white shirt holding flowers / deep shadows in background). Choose the ISO 100, +.7 EV one (because of course Canon shooters ETTR). Process it in the latest version of DPP. Under the RAW tab change the picture style to neutral, bring highlights down, shadows up, turn on the highlight alert and bring over all exposure down till there are no alerts (-.33). Go to the RGB tab Choose the strong tone curve assist (one with the +).

Look at the picture and then tell me how Canon has an issue with DR.

Sounds like too much work? test out the ALO while you are at it

People who complain about Canon's DR either aren't doing their RAW conversion in DPP, or aren't actually using Canon cameras.

I used to make almost the same arguments when Olympus said 12MP's was enough and I was an Olympus fan boy. I'm not a fan boy of anything now. Like I said, If you're behind the competition you can always find excuses.

Where in my post am I talking about the number of megapixels?

Now if you told me that the comparison of the 7D and D7100 are at 1 to 1 and if I down sampled the D7100 to 18mp the D7100 would be just as sharp and have the same amount of noise as the 7D. Then I would say what is the point of having more megapixels?

Of course if we want to talk about megapixels, it would also be appropriate to bring up that in order for the D7100 to get near the FPS and half the RAW buffer performance of the 7D, you have to use 15mp cropped crop mode.

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