LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Photophool, please step forward.

Mikedigi wrote:

Nevada Landscapes wrote:

I have the RX100 and the LX7, and most of the time I use the Rx100 as it seems to have better picture IQ (at least for my samples).  I also prefer the small size of the Rx100 in its fitted case or without the case in my cargo pocket.  I do miss the wider lens on the LX7 over the Sony.  I also think the video on the LX7 may be a tad better too.  They are both great cameras, so just use the one you have.  When I want the best quality picture, I use my full-frame Nikon.  The rest of the time, I don't want to carry it around, and the IQ of either camera is good enough for casual shooting.

Thanks, an interesting contribution.

A lot of this thread is about lens brightness but I am more interested in IQ.

Mostly, big landscape is my problem with IQ. My FZ200 has f2.8 constant out to 600 mm EFL, but that does not help me with a big landscape at 100 ISO and say 35 mm EFL .

It would be good if someone with the LX7 and RX100 took a tripod to a big landscape with a mixture of bright and drab areas and did a careful tripod shoot with both cameras, using all the sensible precautions, like identical EFL/framing, perfectly steady light, no wind, IS off, 10 sec timer, shaded camera, identical exposures, no earthquakes, settings optimized in previous tests, hamster detection switched off, etc, etc.

I don't mean "Do that for me" . . . If I were going to spend that much money on two enthusiast cameras, I would be unable to resist the temptation . . . 



I was about to ask Photophool to follow up his nice, clean ISO 6400 shot with one of his always superb landscapes, taken with the RX100 - that would meet at least some of your criteria.

And mine.

My camera is a tool, and so I'm looking for compact size an plenty of zoom, but when I DO want to get an artistic picture, 99% of the time it's of such a landscape as you describe.

I hope Phhotophool is still checking this thread and will oblige.  


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