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Pontoneer wrote:

dboeren wrote:

Also, there's the other elephant in the room - compatibility.  Right now, probably just about all of us own at least one, and probably several, DA or DA* lenses.  These lenses won't operate with a full frame sensor.  Having to replace all those lenses would be a significant expense, and the more DA lenses you own the higher it gets.

I don't own any DA lenses , like a great many people who started out with Pentax in the film days ; I have just made sure that any lenses bought in the last 10 years are not DA .

Am I missing something ?

So over the last ten years you've aided Pentax R&D by how much?

Yet you think they will now cater to your whims because ?

I notice those who have massive recent investment in Pentax i.e funding the company are all pretty blase about FF, But those who have done nothing to keep the company afloat seem to think Pentax should bet on these non-spenders suddenly changing their spots ?

I think it fanciful whimsy Pentax will never pander to legacy glass owners as they are not a commercial going concern.

Be funny if the released a FF camera locked to MTF readout capable lens only oh what gnashing of teeth we would hear.

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