Can anyone compare the 9-18mm vs 12mm

Started Apr 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
Thomas Niemann Veteran Member • Posts: 4,353
Here are sample images of the same target

At SLRGear they have photographed the same target using both lenses. For your purpose I suggest you download the following:

12mm @ f/2

12mm @ f/8

9-18mm @ 11mm f/4.3 (wide open)

9-18mm @ 11mm /8

12mm images

9-18mm images

If you're using Photoshop place them on separate layers in the same document and toggle back and forth. You'll find that the 9-18mm, wide open, is superior to the 12mm. Well, that's to be expected. At f/8 it's a draw. And comparing the 9-18 @ f/4.3 with the 12 @ f/8 it's also a draw.

Consider that you can shoot, hand-held, at low shutter speeds with wide angle lenses. So, if you don't need f/2, then the 9-18 is a good choice.

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