My first attempt at milky way and RAW with D5100

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Re: My first attempt at milky way and RAW with D5100

Sammy Yousef wrote:

Excellent first attempts. How did you control the noise? Did you use long exposure NR or a manual dark frame?

I think it was both, I was in full manual mode and I had the camera shoot a dark frame after each shot. I really was just experimenting and was pleasantly surprised at getting a usable ISO 25000 image

I always shoot my wide field astro at base ISO on the D90, and have typically used the 50 1.8d wide open to fit in a whole constellation. Certainly wouldn't mind an extra 7 stops if post you can get decent results in post.

In post I slid the shadow slider right back and it seemed to clean up the image nicely, other than that I didn't do much else to it other than correct the colour a wee bit.

I envy you for your dark skies.

We get some great dark skies where I am.

I think the part of the milky way I shot above isn't  actually visible in the northern hemisphere, if you look closely you can see the southern cross (on its side) and the coal sack nebula just beside it, there is also another couple of nebula toward the top which I got a few tele pics of with my 55-300.

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