Having an issue with my new D7100

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Re: Having an issue with my new D7100

Rhinofly wrote:

I really like this camera and it seems to work great with all my lenses except one, my 80-200 2.8 af-d. With this lens I am getting significant backfocus. Even with the lens fine tune set to -20 it is still backfocusing about 2cm and I cannot get anything at small f number in sharp focus.

If I use this lens on my D5100 and manual focus (using focus indicator dot) I can get nice sharp pictures.

The fine tune corrections on my other lenses are

18-55 DX VR : +1

35 1.8 DX : 0

12-24 DX : -8

There is no obvious systematic back focus in general, just a really terrible one with the 80-200. Any ideas on how to go about fixing this? Could it be the lens and not the camera?


Did you test 80-200 AF-D on 200 mm?

This lens have correct AF on 200 mm only at 30+ meters distance.

At closer distances it have strong backfocus.

So please fine tune AF at 100 mm focal distance and don't even try to shoot closer objects at around 200 mm.

Lens is fine at 10+ meters and excellent at 50+ meters (all at f/2,8 200 mm )

That was issued by Nikon somewhere as property of lens design.

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