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Mostly, this is art and common sense


Yes, we look at the back of the camera.

In the olden days, we'd walk over to where the light is, stand as close as possible, and see if it looked as if the light would hit the eyes.

Now, we take some degree of care when we place the light, but we then look at the back of the camera.

If we've got a fairlys till model, and lights staying in one spot, and the camera staying on one spot, and we worry about light int he eyes, just zoom in onthe faceand take a shot.

Look at the back of the camera. Got light or not?

Then zoom back out to your preferred framing, and shoot away.

Depending on conditions and how complicated the shoot is, and how still you want to be... put a reflector under the face and out of the frame, and let some light bounce up.


Looking at the back of the camera is not perfect, but it does two things. First, you get a good idea of rations; one side is a bit brighter than the other, or a lot brighter. One side looks fine, and the other is dark.. It's up to you to decide what you want the shot to look like. And the camera back gives you a good idea of light vs dark.

As for whether the exposure is nailed; 1/ close is good enough, because you really can fix it in post. and 2/ you need to practise a bit because the brightness of the back screen is adjustable, and it looks brighter or darker depending on the surrounding light, glare, etc. So learn to bendover the back,block the sun with your hand, move into the shade behind a tree, to inspect the back.

And find some frames that look great on your computer, and then see how they lookont he camera back. Adjust the back brightness so the on-camera picture is as good as the computer picture.

If prints are involved, make sure the prints match the computer.

BOTTOM LINE 1: it's easy to get over-concerned.

BOTTOM LINE 2: It's more important to have a visiony-goal


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