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Hello everybody,

Last week I received my A99, overall I'm very happy with the camera but there's one thing that bothers me a lot.

When I shoot in bright daylight the viewfinder image appears very dark and when I shoot at an angle of 45 degree towards the sun, I actually can't see anything in the viewfinder unless I use my left hand to shield the eye from all the surrounding light. I should note here that I'm wearing glasses.

There is an option in the menu to increase the viewfinder brightness but I found it was already at the max.

Are you guys experiencing the same?? Is there a way to fix this problem? As it stands the A99 seems unsuited for use in bright light?!


I see no reason for this to happen if the settings are right. Take an image under this issue and post it here.

It would be much easier to understand with an image attached.  As an example of what I've seen with my A77, when I shot this picture, I couldn't see my son's face, there was pretty bright sunlight and he was in the shade:

This was captured in RAW, and adding a tad bit of light in processing:

I could have boosted the EV to get the same effect, or upped the ISO in Manual. And my understanding of DRO is that if turned on, it will do thing like this a bit more automatically.  But in the EVF on the A77 when I shot it, it was nearly black inside those shadows. When he was out into the sun it was no problem, the EVF worked great and the brightness, etc all worked fine.

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