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I do, too

jay coffsky wrote:

I would love to own 'the best' of something before i leave this earth, thus I am looking into a leica rather then replace my D300 with nikon D800. I am at retirement and can afford either fortunately (hard work for over 55 yrs not inheritance). I cant decide if owning the M9 or new  M (M10?) would be the way to go for an amateur or is that like buying a Rolls Royce instead of a porsche turbo. I read the technology is behind with the leica (Rolls Royce analogy) as compared to the Porsche (D800).

I own the M (240) and a D800e, having replaced M9 and D700.

While the M9 struggled in low light, the new M simply works - and quite close to the D800 wen the sun goes down.

Of course the D800 better behaves at high iso, but the M comes close to that also due to Leica M lenses optical quality, since no Nikon or third party lens I know can approach any modern M lens at full aperture.

I have never seen a professional either at a banquet event (wedding) or sporting event use anything lately other then Canon or Nikon. In fact i have never seen a pro use a leica.

In some war / post war zones I have seen pro's using M's. I was not a pro, but I was using an M.

Weddings and sports require fast autofocus and zoom or supertelephoto lenses, which are outside the Leica M framework. You can shoot a wedding wit an M and a fast lens, but you got to be very quick and effective at setting focus manually, or you will miss (or misfocus) moments.

For sports, it depends, maybe you can do with a 90mm or a 135mm and zone focusing - golf, tennis, anything that let you close to the action. That would put your job at risk, I suppose ...

So am I just kidding myself into an Rolls I would not own one if you gave it to me for the same price as a Porsche and they cost over 2X as much. Is the leica thing real or a big hype disguised under the term of quality.


you are happily retired so are in the best position to look at life with the proper attitude.

I suggest you an experiment: buy a used M9 (recent, with some residual warranty), a used lens (possibly a Summicron, either 50mm f2 or 35mm f2, any "flavour", or similar Zeiss ZM's) and test by yourself. After the test, either you decide to upgrade to the M (240) or sell, you do not lose that much. I bet you will keep the M9 or upgrade to the M ...

Best regards,


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