LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Re: PS re: LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

Mikedigi wrote:

was inaccurate. My original topic was really about IQ per weight/size, and I said:

"One might say that the Sony's sensor area/weight ratio is impressive.", where "sensor area" offers the potential for higher IQ per weight.



Sorry my english is not perfect and I red a little not carefully so My understanding your words was wrong.

But despite of that I think that my remarks can be useful for other people who are wondering what camera to choose, I hope..

I red other comments here ans I give may own opinion:

I think, when we buy compact camera the most important is optics quality and range.

LX7's resolution is good enough for A3 pictures. For watching on TV is even to much because then 2 - 4 MP is right value.

I like wtaching photos on my 51" TV in 16:9 proportion, plasma gives very nice contrast and natural colours the impression is wonderful.

Pictures from RX100 can be bnetter but I never wil lsee it because 20 MP is not visible on plasma screen!

On paper you know nobody can say what picture is from what camera except small DOF photos but in this category as we see on camera labs comparison even Canon GX1 does not give any advantage to LX and only CSC or DSLR wih fast lens can do it.

20 MP of RX100 can be useful for people who print very large pictures.

For such occasional case I use CSC with APS-C sensor....

So I think the comparison these two cameras is pointless they are different as different are lenses for DSLR.

Somebody prefers 24-90 than 28-100.

Somebody eles prefers  50/1,4 or 85/1,4 and guy who plans birds shooting will find 600/F? the best for him.

The problem with compact camera is that the lens is not interchangeble so we can only manipiulate in range we have or use converters wide/tele and in this matter RX100 is closed. LX7 not and this is big profit. Additional accesories can be very useful also on compact camera.

Did you see the  topic with LX7 macros on this site? Author used macro converter with great results

RX100 doesn't allow for such pictures and who will tell me where is the larger sensor advantage in this case?

Mayby second example - if AF will miss the object - your picture wil be important but not sharp -- what big sensor improove then?

Do you use 5 kG hammer to hammer a very small nail?

Don't think about camera in sensor size category only - think about your purposes all photographic aspects - that's ma advice.

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