Press events on Tuesday, April 23, 2013?

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Re: Press events on Tuesday, April 23, 2013?

It is hard to believe that Canon will again bring out another upgraded camera model with the old 18 mpix sensor.

What is even harder to believe are the responses from the loyal Canon users on this forum.  I can hear the arguments already.  First the 18 mpix sensor will not be the same old thing, but somehow it will be new and improved.  Unfortunately that argument will fall apart once the lab studies and reviews are completed.  Even so, instead of wondering what is going on with Canon's slow progress, there will be many attacks on the reviewers and the methods they use.

Already we are being told that there is no reason for more megapixels.  Somehow printing landscapes at 13x19 or 17x25.5 or 20x30 is just not reasonable for the loyal Canoniers.

Yup, just go out and shoot and don't be concerned about not having improved gear.

I could go on and list a few dozen "arguments" in defense of Canon, but that is also pointless.  We will see all of them with lengthy discussions and embellishments.  At one time I tried to make a list of all of these "arguments" but the list got long, some Canoniers got upset and the moderators locked the thread.

Of course, we are just talking rumors at this point.  Unfortunately I suspect the rumors are true.  Canon was way in the lead with affordable DSLR cameras.  Canon brought out some outstanding models such as the 7D but somehow for the past several years there has been little or no progress and the competition appears to be moving ahead at a rapid rate.

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