Just ordered the 24-120mm f/4....after long consideration....

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Re: Just ordered the 24-120mm f/4....after long consideration....

Shotcents wrote:

The 24-120 F4 has more reach. It's silly to argue that you can crop the 85mm to 120mm, because that not the same thing. The 120mm gives you different field flattening effect, better subject isolation and simply more resolution since you'd lose a lot of pixels cropping the 85 to match.


The reason why I don't like the 24-120 F4 is because it does not have higher IQ than the 24-85vr over the same focal lengths. To my mind it SHOULD, but the fact remains that they are very close and in my tests the 24-85vr was superior (though not enough that it was important!). Both samples of the 24-120 F4 I tests were soft at 120mm, but I've seen sharp photos posted so that was probably my samples. The other issue is the 24-120 F4 is not a small lens at all. Since the constant F4 adds up to very little, a lens closer to the size of the 24-85vr would have been better for a walkaround.

If you prefer the size to the reach that's fair enough.

My view of the 24-120 F4 is that it's consumer grade glass (not a bad thing these days), packaged to something more, which it is not. So why would I choose it over the more versatile 28-300vr, if I'm willing to carry a large lens? The 28-300 has very nice IQ and far more versatility as a walkaround.

I didn't like it is the main reason, and also that I find 24mm more useful at events than 300mm.

Frankly, if I'm looking to have better quality IQ AND more versatility I can simply carry two lenses, such as the 28mm 1.8G and the Tamron 70-300 VC, or swap out the 28mm for the 24-85vr. Or if I feel strong, the 24-85vr and the 70-200 VRII.

At an event I might misss shots or keep people waiting if I change lenses too often. On holiday I like to travel light (and not keep my wife waiting!). If it's just me doing my own thing it's a different story, but then I still wouldn't use the 24~85 if I was happy to use primes. If I want the fast aperture ot the highest possible IQ I will use primes; if I want the versatility or convenience of a zoom the 24~120 suits better.

The quality and cost of the 24-120 F4 just doesn't make sense in MY kit. But I do see why it's popular and people have valid reasons for owning it, in spite of my singular view.

Yes, that's totally fair, but to me it has proved to be a bargain!

PS: If I want subject isolation even a "consumer grade" Tamron is far beyond the abilities of the 24-120 F4.


Have you got an example that actually has some BG in it?

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