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Re: what is not expected ..

zxaar wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

James Pilcher wrote:

In a current large thread, one of our own wrote this:

"Big aperture lenses for m4/3 are not really needed because of improvement in sensitivity - and IBIS in Oly. [S]o again, a form of snobbishness."

[insert expletive here] By his measure, the Nikkor 200mm f/2 VR is not really needed on Nikon's ultra-sensitive DSLR bodies. Put that VR in a 200mm f/6.3 and that's all those Nikon folks really need. Own anything faster and they are snobs.

How many of you are now going to toss your f/2 and faster "snob" lenses? Apparently you don't really need them.

...such comments are to be expected from someone who "loathes bokeh", feels that deep DOF and sharpness across the frame represent the epitome of photography, and anything else is "snobbery".

what is not expected from such person is his investment in m43 sensor rather than pentax Q or smaller sensor cams or cellphones. Nothing could beat pentax Q with 50mm F1.8 etc lens when deeper DOF is needed.

You don't need a Pentax Q to have the kind of DoF he wants. Just stop your FF wide angle (or even standard lens) to about F8 (or your M43 to F4) and you are there in the vast majority of cases.

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