Full Frame NEX When?

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Re: Full Frame NEX When?


Kashmir442 wrote:


It would be a smart move for Sony to use a newly developed Mount which could easily use adapters for using several other major brand lenses , in addition to accepting an adapter for Sony FF lenses .

This would probably have the additional advantage of expanding demand for the Camera by a very healthy number .


Why can't e-mount do that? It can fit full frame and it has the really short registration distance which make all kinds of adapters possible.

e-mount could probably do that , but e-mount is designed for APS-C which is able to accept much shortened mount to sensor distance and it may also be smaller in diameter .

E mount seems to have been designed for FF as well as APS-C.

There is already a FF E mount camera on the market, and it seems to work fine with adapted lenses.

Measurements I do not have . But a new mount could be designed which would allow plenty of room for shortened back focus lenses to accept very wide lenses with short back focus and also leave plenty room to also accept any other brand of lens with the right adapter for the brand .

E mount does all this.

Strength of the adapter for a solid connection of heavier lenses , and room for the larger sensor size may warrant a new design for the on Camera side of the new FF adapters .

If you put a heavy lens on your tripod, the E mount is easily able to support the weight of the camera.

So I doubt that the same APS-C e-mount would be best for a new FF NEX system ..

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