Press events on Tuesday, April 23, 2013?

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Re: Press events on Tuesday, April 23, 2013?

Don Richardson wrote

Besides, there's this thing called competition. If your competition is offering 24MP's -51pt AF - dual card slots for $1200.00 bucks and your offering 18MP's - 19pt AF and dual card slots for $2200.00 bucks, someone is going to notice they're getting more for their money from your competition and you lose business. Of course, you'll be able to come up with all kinds of excuse's for your short comings but you still lost sales to the new comer to photography and gave your competition a chance to up their % of sales. Competition, sometimes it's an ugly word, especially if you're loosing.

If I want to shoot wildlife do I want a 24mp camera that only shoots 6 frames before filling the buffer? As for focus points how many wildlife photographers out there actually use them all? Most of the time I use the center one so while it might be nice to have the numbers I would prefer to have less but make them really good, to work to F8 and to work in low contrast situations, even better would be to have 19 really good F8 capable sensors linked to eye control as that would be superb. Numbers like above really are not everything.

All is speculation, just wait and see what Canon release. They have not been one of the top brands for so many years without actually having some idea as to what they are doing.

On the subject of the current 18mp sensors from the spect the new ones seem very different to the older version we have in the current 7D and the images seem to bear that out. Just because it is 18mp does not mean it is the same sensor. As a guess I am betting that Canon stuck with that size because the Digic 5 probably begins to struggle with a higher pixel count. Changing to a new processor too early would increase cost.

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