How many D800e RAW files will fit on a 1TB external hard drive?

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Re: How many D800e RAW files will fit on a 1TB external hard drive?

Ok, so you have the basic information from other replies but you also said you might be storing and editing HD video footage.  That is a whole other beast.  Remember a Blu-Ray holds up to 50GB and that is only for 1 feature movie plus a few soundtracks and some behind the scenes features.  HD video eats up hard dive space very quickly, and will require not only large but fast hard drives for responsiveness during editing.   If you plan on archiving all of your RAW files and raw video along with finished projects you will need all the storage space you can reasonably afford.  I have only had my D600 since November and already have over 500GB of still images and 100 GB of video, and I don't shoot that much video plus the D600 image files are much smaller.  My next purchase will be a NAS device similar to this one;

If figure this will buy me about 2 years of storage when I set it up as a mirrored array instead of striped for redundancy.  At the rate storage capacity is increasing it should be reasonable to upgrade again by the time I fill this  or give me time to go through the RAW files i did not find pleasing and archive to a lower quality format such as high quality JPEG.

Nice thing about these setups is you can access them over the web so if you take a laptop to a client meeting or are ate friends house you can access your personal server without lugging all your files with you.

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