Nikon 85mm F1.8G I bought into the hype about how sharp it is. and " how its the best and sharpest"

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Re: It's not hype...

tektrader wrote:

marike6 wrote:

As far as your lens, the sample image you posted is clearly mis-focused, so perhaps you actually made matters worse with AF micro adjust.  AF micro adjust should be used with care, and as a last resort.

Markus, did you read what I wrote? The last photo was taken with Live View at 1/400.

It wasn't misfocussed, no microfocus adjustment in Live View,..........       It isnt IN FOCUS. That is how this lens is.

Compared to your copy its obvious there is something wrong with it. Your photos where the most helpful part as obviously I am not getting that sort of result using my copy.

General comment for everyone, Not everyone that posts an issue is a goose and doesnt know how to use the equipment. If the focus was off or not microfocus adjusted correctly I would have seen it during my testing and done what was neccesary to fix it.  All my other lenses are pro grade and ARE VERY SHARP. I know what sharp is........

Unfortunately the assumption on DP review is the operator is the faulty one, and the equipment must be fine. You need to be careful assuming ANYTHING.

Fact is THIS LENS WILL NOT PEAK IN FOCUS REGARDLESS, In fact, the amount of CA it has, made the lens align ruler impossible to use.

So its going back as faulty.............................


I read your original post, and you didn't mention anything about about LiveView, but you did make a point of saying that you applied AF Micro Adjust.

But now I understand better that you did try shooting with LiveView, which is what I meant to suggest as a kind of control.

Question, is the problem you are having on when you shoot wide-open or at all apertures?  And regarding CAs, are LoCAs an issue throughout the aperture range, or only at or near max aperture?

According to the Photozone review, as with most large aperture lenses, LoCAs on the 85 1.8G are clearly visible at f1.8, but decrease considerably by f4, and are essentially a non-issue by f5.6.

Photozone examples of 85 1.8G LoCAs by aperture:

Anyway, I never meant to imply that it was user error, or that you don't have the ability to judge optics or evaluate lens performance.  Was just trying to be of some help.

So, yes, I agree that exchanging the lens for another copy is a good idea.  The copy I have is a USA model with a 5-year warranty, but if it's a new purchase for you, obviously you can just exchange it or replace it with the f1.4G or similar.  But I consider this 85 1.8G to be one of the best deals on photography, and I would have a hard time parting with mine, unless I got a good deal on the f1.4G.  

Best of luck in getting this sorted out, and we look forward to some images from the new portrait lens when you get it,  Cheers, Markus

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