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Re: Cloud Renewal

Gene L. wrote:

The rep on the phone told me that Adobe shuts it off if the renewal is withdrawn, so it shouldn't suddenly stop working because the Internet is down for a day.

This is correct. It doesn't check every day and there is some flexibility in this respect.

Al likely scenario is to go on vacation where there will be no Internet access. Start the vacation a day before renewal and be gone 2-3 weeks. I wonder if Photoshop will time out after some grace period or if it will keep working as the rep suggested.

This is my concern. 90% of the time it's not an issue, but if I'm paying that money I expect it to work 100% of the time.

Doesn't matter to me. The whole cloud thing is just a way to squeeze more money out of  customers. The only customers who come out ahead, and not by all that much, are those who would normally update every new edition anyway. Those of us who would wait for that third new edition before updating would end up paying much more, which is what Adobe wants. I read this as greed, greed, and greed. Seems obvious.

Well said. I think it's 3 part reason for Adobe to want this: 1) Make money they feel they are "loosing" because people don't upgrade every version 2) Make more money by getting more people to get the whole suite instead of just Photoshop as a single program 3) Make money more consistently. Instead of making a ton of money every 18 months, they'll make a bit of money every month... I'm certain their accountants and stockholders don't like those years when a new CS product doesn't come out and it doesn't look like they're making much profit compared to a year when there is a new CS version they release and they sell tons of copies the first month or two. There may be a 4th reasons, but this is pure speculation... they may be trying to drive out the advanced amateur market... push them to Lightroom and Elements and tweak the CS programs to just serve the pro needs. Photoshop and other CS programs are getting VERY bloated as they keep adding features and never removing anything. I don't exactly see how that would work, but I've heard one or two people speculate, not sure if I buy it.

The greedy never think they are greedy. They always either feel they are being victimized (e.g.: by people cheating them by skipping versions) or they feel they have to take more (e.g.: they need to make the stock-holders happy.)

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