Favorite X100s settings?

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Re: Favorite X100s settings?

You are already loosing 2 stops of light when you do not need to. Your better off bracketing the shot.

Using a polarizing filter indoors is useless, you just get dark out of focus images.

Just because you use a polarizer does not mean every shot is polarized. The position of the Sun in relation to the lens matters. You would not necessarily use it to even shoot a sunrise.  A polarizer is used to remove reflections and darken the sky/clouds and is not a 100% all the time fix.  It is not meant for people, it has no benefit. Using a tiffen 812 warming filter can do wonders.

A polarizer whether it be Circular or not is still a costly filter. You can buy a quality multi-coated clear protective filter and a slim profile polarizer and use it when needed. Nikon, Heliopan or B&W are all good filters.

You also can do lots in post editing.

Warm polarizers do exist.

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