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Re: who uses leica

What you say about the fact that nobody has never seen a Pro with something else than a Nikon or a Canon is true.

It's true because a Leica camera is not the best tool when your job is taking photographs and being paid for it.

Let's face it if you are a Pro you need:

- A good sudio camera, with high lightning, strobs, multi-flash capabilities, and Leica is not.

- A fast AF with good Iso camera, for sport mostly or wedding, and a Leica is not.

- A good Macro system, mostly for some kind of product shooting, and a Leica is not.

- Weather sealing and good multi purpose bright zoom like a 24-70mm F2.8 because you need to get what you want straight, fast, and get money from this.

Let's face it, if you make a living from photography, a Leica is not what you are looking for.

What a Leica is:

- The only brand that has kept (for good and bad depending on your likes) its traditional heritage as a way of shooting (this means simplicity, manual control over your lens and camera and the rangefinder system)

- Superb optics, almost unmatched by an other brands (up to you to decide if you need such quality for your daily not Pro, obviously, shootings)

- Probably the best Full Frame and Interchangeable system if weight / size / superb optical quality matters.

- Probably one of the most well made brand around (Hold one and you will understand).

- Wonderful daylight quality and ok-so-so low light capability for a Full Frame camera.

You can basically shoot anything with a Leica too, or...just any much cheaper camera: Sports, Weddings, Action (hey, Capa did war photography wit a Leica III...) etc etc etc.

A Leica is really really expensive and you cannot justify the price because it is not justifiable.

A Leica won't make you a better photographer. A D800 won't either. It's your work in studying photography and others works, and your hours spent outside shooting which will make you grow as a photographer.

It is definitely not the best Bang for the Buck.

Is is definitely not the most featured camera around.

It is definitely not the best performance you may get from all the cameras around.

It is definitely the MOST EXPENSIVE, THE MOST LOOKED AT, THE MOST DREAMED OF camera around.

I have a Leica M3 and 50mm Summilux F1.4 ASPH. There is no way I could go out without my camera with me.

I love using it, I love to look through the viewfinder and compose, I love the sound of the clic when I press the shutter, I love to re-cock the shutter, I love to touch that heavy well made camera, I love the pictures I get from them, I love being questioned about the strange camera I have around my neck, I love my LEICA for all of these reasons, which are deeply subjective because based on my personal feelings, experience, style and requirements in photography.

A Leica is what I like to use, and no other camera around can provide me the same feeling, that pleasure when I clic the thing

Love it or hate it, but at least try it before making your own judgement.

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