Jupiter 50mm f2 adapter

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Re: Jupiter 50mm f2 adapter

Letsgokoulos wrote:

I have a Jupiter 11 135mm f4 in Kiev mount, and purchased a Nikon(S)-NEX adapter from Fotodiox, see this link. I can well imagine that some Jupiter 8 could be produced in this mount too.

I strongly advise you provide us with a picture of YOUR lens, so we can compare with existing mounts and advise you.


Dear Marc,

I have same adapter for my Contax / Kiev silver Jupiter 9.

Please note that there was two versions of Contax / Kiev mount:

1. Under 50mm - witch is very difficult to adapt on NEX

2. Above 50mm - witch is easily adapt with adapter you have linked.

You had no problem, since Jupiter 11 is 135mm. (My J-9 is 85mm)

But for 50mm J-8 it is whole different story. You should forget it in Contax / Kiev mount, and buy it in M39 mount.

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