Favorite X100s settings?

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Re: Favorite X100s settings?

I hope my settings will help you improve your photos. At least with these settings you learn to understand this camera.
X100S settings, easy to shoot with:
ISO: AUTO (Default sensitivity 200, max. 3200, min shutter speed 1/125)
Image size: L 3:2
Image quality: F+RAW (I use only 90MB/s memory cards, if your card too slow, use only F)
Dyamic Range: Auto
Film Simulation: STD (Provia)
ND filter: Programmed to Fn button (using in heavy sun)
Color: +2
Sharpness: +1
Highlight tone: 0
Shadow tone: -1
Noise reduction: +1
Long Exposure NR: on
Framing guide lie: grid 9
Wide conversion lens: ON
MF focus assist: Focus Peak Highlight
AF mode: area
AF illuminator: OFF
AE / AF-lock mode: ON/OFF switch
AE/AF-lock button: AE/AF lock
Correct AF frame: ON
Flash +/-0
Red eye removal: OFF
Save org image: OFF

Silent mode: OFF
MF focus check: OFF (I hate this check!!! when you in manual focus and you need this, you can access it with button upper to AFL/AEL, WHEN YOU NEED IT)
Sound set-up: Operation vol: OFF, Shutter volume: 1/3, Shutter sound: first one
Screen set-up: Image Disp. 1,5sec, Monitor sinlight mode: ON, Auto rotate PB: ON
Power management: Auto power off 2min
OVF power save mode: ON
Color space: sRGB
AE setting: when in shooting mode, press AE(+) button on left and chose: Multi
I recommend you to get wide conversion lens (WCL-X100), soft-release button and polarizing filter (DO NOT buy any cheap filters, they collect dust and not thin enough to use with wide lenses!!! I recommend B+W KSM C-POL MRC nano. Size you need is 49mm. WHY polarizing filter? First, to protect you lens and to get more deeper colors and contrast, cool looking sky/cloud photos and it minimizes wrong light reflections. I have polarize filter always on, i take it off only sunset photos.)
PS. I LOVE X100S!!! Only wish they add touch-screen to next model, to faster relocate focus point/area, really good for street photography

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