who uses leica

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Re: who uses leica

No single camera is ever "the best" at everything. Leica also makes a number of different cameras so I'll presume that you mean a Leica M.

Leica Ms are used by pros, in certain circumstances when inconspicuous-ness and quiet are primary needs ... It's no wonder that you rarely see them, as the hallmark of a Leica M in use is that it disappears easily and is unobtrusive in use.

The M9 is a fine camera and produces superb quality results .. The new M is also, and likewise. As is/does the Nikon D800. all are amongst the pinnacles products of their type. And their types are really quite different—SLRs are brilliant tools for what they do best (support an unmatched range of types and lengths of lenses well, and operate brilliantly in widely diverse ways and purposes). Leica Ms are more constrained in versatility, but are far nicer for lots of circumstances.

And Leicas have a well deserved reputation for very fine lenses, build quality, etc.

So .. It's really up to you to determine what you consider 'best' for your use, for your photography, and pursue that. Be ready to try something and then abandon it if it doesn't actually suit you.  Because all the cameras at this level of endeavor are really quite excellent machines, the excellence in photographs is the responsibility of the photographer .

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