LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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PS re: LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

I wrote:

Chris62 wrote:

Your way of thinkong can be wrong. . . . . . .

I am not about to buy either camera.

If I were about to buy an ultracompact camera for better IQ (and I already have a Nikon D90), the kind of landscape/tripod test I have described above would be a main criterion.

Other people might put more emphasis on other criteria.

And one remark - when we need big DOF fast and reliable AF speed and macro function - LX7 wins in every aspect.

I have no interest whatsoever in proving that the LX7 is a bad camera . . . it may well be, in its market niche, the best value on the market, and I am sure I would love it.

So what it "wins in" is fine - I was only asking about IQ - regardless of price.


Sorry, that last remark was inaccurate. My original topic was really about IQ per weight/size, and I said:

"One might say that the Sony's sensor area/weight ratio is impressive.", where "sensor area" offers the potential for higher IQ per weight.


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