Great little compact but image quality / performance do not deserve the “enthusiast camera” label...

Started Apr 6, 2013 | User reviews thread
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Re: Why no posted images?

Do not forget people may be worried that you may be as rude about their images as you are here about the review and you might think their images are useless as you so charmingly describe Geekanoids' pictures.

It is always a difficult process posting tiny sensor pictures on a specialist site such as this and top end users tend to drive out lower end cameras in most of the forums.

A less aggressive request for images might work a bit better.

marike6 wrote:

Thanks for the min-review, but without any sample images, frankly it's all just talk.

Even the P330 which has been out for the same amount of time as the XZ-10 has some images on Flickr, but other than a few useless indoor macro shots done in his room from the user Geekanoids, there are ZERO XZ-10 sample images.

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