Canon 6D versus 60D

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Re: Good points

biza43 wrote:

adkim wrote:

The difference in terms of price is $1200 and the major benefits which come with the 6D are:

1. Full-frame sensor
2. Better ISO performance
3. Wifi + GPS

This brings me ask the question, is the canon 6d really worth it over the 60D?

Depends on what you want to do.

You bring up some good points.

I'm currently shooting a 60D myself, and the thought of upgrading to FF (esp. the 6D) has crossed my mind as well.


I have been very happy with the Tamron 17-50 and Sigma 8-16, and I would need to replace these, should I decide to make the jump. I do have an old EF 28-70 f/3.5-4.5 II, which I'm keeping, should I ever upgrade to FF. It's small, light, reasonably sharp and fast enough with FF. The Sigma is harder to replace, but I could just slap on a 1.4x TC and keep shooting it with FF. It would be a stop slower, but I could compensate this with the better high ISO and sensitive center focus point (granted, AF'ing a UWA is a moot point anyway).

- The APS-C format is already 'good enough' for me. I can create very high IQ and a sense of larger formats fairly easily with a pano head, but this naturally has its limitations with moving targets/night sky/candid shooting.

- I am also interested in seeing what the next generation of Canon's APS-C will bring to the table, especially the 7D's replacement, so I will sit by the sidelines for now.

The 6D is a very tempting body and definitely superior, but I still haven't felt limited with the 60D.

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