why is video on omd flickering ?

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why is video on omd flickering ?

i took these videos on the weekend both with these settings

olympus omd + panasonic 12-35mm f2.8:
-set on movie mode, P, -1.3ev , manual focus, 1080p, white balance set on auto
-taken at the semifinals yonex australian badminton open 2013

the first clip there is very slight flickering in the upper part of the video.


i stopped the video as there was a slight pause between points, restarted recording and there is marked flickering in the upper part of the video. i hadn't changed any settings. i only stopped and started the video maybe about 10secs apart.

2nd clip


can someone tell me why and how to rectify?

-i have taken video before with the panasonic 12-35mm but never had this .

-tried altering the white balance to eg incandesent and fluro but no difference

-when i tried 0ev or +0.3ev the flickering seems like the 1st clip (ie slight) but as a result the players seem a bit too bright .  But when i stop and restart recording even at 0ev it can flicker like the 2nd clip

-it's very distracting that i have some clips with major flickering, others with none despite the same settings

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