I vacuumed the dust out of my SEL 18-200mm lens.

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Re: brilliant post. Any less-than-$200 dollar vacuum that would work?

Keit ll wrote:

I think that greater emphasis needs to be placed on the possibility of sucking dust into the lens !  That is the way in which dust gets into the lens in the first place.

Exactly and pretty hard to find the right conditions.

I would suggest placing a vacuumed microfibre cloth around the lens when performing these procedures having first vacuumed the general exterior of the lens. Houshold interiors abound in small particles of dust shed from carpets & textiles & if you were unlucky you could end up with more lens dust than you started with ?

Damp air generally is less dusty than dry air but is more likely to encourage lens fungus growth - nothing is ever simple is it ?

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Keith C

I had four SEL1855 and they were gathering dust like no other lens I've owned before and I don't live in the Sahara or central China. My first copy, unfortunately the sharpest of the bunch by far, was pretty much unuseable after about 5 months of extensive use and I didn't need to stop that sucker down to f22, the specks already showed up when shot wide open ... yuk. Last night I spent some serious time to  retouch the sky in one of those shots to use it in a publication. This sucks.

Also, my N5n gathered WAY more dust on the sensor than my two N5 or my two N7, even though I didn't shoot it that often.

Thanks for the great thread. +1

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