Output sharpening in Aperture (considering escaping to Lightroom)

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Re: Output sharpening - Ap, LR, Topaz & Nik

mpe wrote:

Alpha Doug wrote:

Lightroom's sharpening, taken by itself, compared to "edge sharpening" in Aperture, is slightly better.  Hard to say if you can actually achieve a significantly better printed image using a combination of Edge Sharpen, Camera RAW Fine Tuning and Definition in Aperture, compared Sharpening and Clarity in LR.

nik Sharpener Pro is in a different category.

True, but all these sharpening options are done on picture with full (like 24 megapixels) resolution. When I finish the editing I want to a 1440x960 version for my website, then 960x640 for facebook (using facebook uploader) and 1024x682 version for the iPad. Once I downsample the sharpness crispness is lost. I need to open these exports in an edition and do the sharpening again. That's why I like sharpen on export feature of lightroom.

For that you can use Reinhard Uebel's free Plug-In BorderFX

It adds both an edit plugin and an export plugin.

To sharpen on output, from within Aperture you just choose "Export->BorderFX'.

It has a standard edge sharpen tool. You can just use that and ignore the border feature (but the border feature is cool too).

You can create presets for your different image sizes, and you can export multiple images at once using the same settings.

I'm pretty sure the older versions of BorderFX used the standard sharpening tool rather than edge sharpening version, and personally I preferred that for output sharpening, but Edge sharpen works too if not overdone.


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