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Re: To Phil and DPR - my problem

I was having a video card problem and not aware of it.  But today it finally made itself well known by shutting off my monitor sporadically each time for several seconds.
A day of trouble shooting, switching monitors and video cards, pretty much proves that the card is bad and problem due to blown capacitors on it.  Blown caps on video cards seems to be common problem if googled.  Tomorrow I will get new 1000uf 16 volt caps and that should fix it.  Meantime, now, here, I'm running off an old SVGA card that does not like my monitor size

But back to subject at hand, this reply window loaded in about 3 sec.  After years of professional PC and PC network trouble shooting, some problems like that can be so elusive and buried just underneath observation that it will drive one crazy.

ps - HOWEVER when I punched the "post" button the little clock circled for over 5 mins.   I gave up waiting, dumped out and now came ia again and posted - I hope.

edit - yes it was fine, posted in few seconds.

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