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Please read the interview ...

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:


Organizing a lynch mob? How could he dare talking with Pentaxians, and even talking about the feedback he received! Such talks are unnecessary, we all know there's only the Holy Full Frame in this world, and nothing else!


Not at all. Mr Malcolm really wants feedback.

In the interview, Jim states:

... That’s not to say that what they’d been planning is necessarily wrong—you don’t necessarily want to just follow, you have to lead. But being able to lead our loyal customers and deliver to them on our kind of brand promise and setting a brand direction, which is not really set for Pentax right now... don’t assume that you have the answers until you talk to people.

And then in the conclusion:

When asked whether the Facebook outreach program would continue, Jim said that there is a certain saturation point where you inevitably begin to hear the same answers over and over again, so the current flavor of Q&A will probably be scaled back. The next phase, he says, is to "find people who have abandoned the brand" and figure out why that happened. He also hopes to talk to some shooters already loyal to other brands, to find out what could bring them into the Pentaxian fold.

Problem is, anything posted in the public forum like this one may look like lynch mob rising, but it isn't. However, there is certainly a discrepancy between some of Jim's statements and the overall feeling from online Pentax forums members. So maybe Pentax users may clarify ...

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