Upgrade from D300 for a poor college student?

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Re: Upgrade from D300 for a poor college student?

Ray Ritchie wrote:

I believe the lens advantage you're speaking of is more due to the resolution of the D600 vs. the D300 than it is to FX vs. DX - that is, you seem to be talking about shooting the 24-85VR on the D600 (at 24MP) and then comparing the result to the D300 (12MP). To do a fair comparison, you'd downsize to 12 MP, and then I think I agree the D600/24-85 shot will probably look better than the D300/ 17-55 shot.

the advantage comes from both more pixels and larger sensor.

For example when using 50 F1.8D, D700's resolves 10mp while D300 resolves 8mp, despite both sensor has 12mp.

see this link

This is not to put down the 24-85VR; I have it and use it quite a bit on the D800, so I'm familiar with what it can do on that body; but I think if you shot it on the D700 and compared the results to those from a D300 with the 17-55, you'd probably be more impressed with the shots from the latter combo.

I would disagree. 17-55 is on average one stop faster than 24-85, but D700 is more than one stop better than D300. Also 24-85 has VR.

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