G5 curiosity has gotten the better of me....

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Re: G5 curiosity has gotten the better of me....

jalywol wrote:

micksh6 wrote:

There isn't much disagreement between us.
I'm not trying to advocate E-PL5 but I think it's not appropriate to judge its ergonomics without optional $19 large grip. Sure, Olympus should have shipped camera with that grip by default and they didn't, but still, $19 is not a fortune.
And I agree that E-PL5 display resolution and dimensions can be limiting, but still, its LCD is a bit better visible in a bright sunlight than latest m4/3 2:3 OLED displays, it's an important factor for a person who doesn't use EVF, like me.

My comment was mostly about your hope to have GF6 with better sensor. If you require EVF you wouldn't be able to use it with GF6 anyway. But you were still hoping GF6 would have better sensor and it didn't happen, right? I think it's for the reasons I mentioned in previous post. That's mostly why I popped up.

You'll get G5 as a second body, so you'll basically be carrying two DSLR-shaped cameras without DSLR guts. While both G5 and GH3 may not be large enough to be qualified as Hulk's cameras they are still not nearly jacket-pocketable as GF6 or E-PL5 may be with pancake lens.

Well, the G5 will fit into a jacket pocket with a pancake (given that I have put the GH2 into one, I can say that it is possible   ).  I had a GF3 which I really loved, by the way, but I needed an EVF, and the 12MP sensor was just not doing it for me...so I hoped they would update the GF6 with an EVF port and the G5 sensor...that would have been a great option.  However, it was not to be...

It's no biggie, though. My post isn't going to make as big influence as two DSLRs in your bag would do to your neck. If you can handle this weight you are certainly a guy big enough to not take my post seriously.

In case you were unaware, I am most definitely not a guy big enough to not take your post seriously.....but that's because I am not a guy   Of course, that also gives me the decided advantage of having a handbag to put the camera in if I need to in a pinch...so ultimate pocketability is not necessary for me, as a result.....


Sh!t, I was really unaware. If you are not a guy, who are you then, a lady?
I'm sorry, this came out unexpected and it makes many of my points irrelevant. See, mostly my reason for choosing m4/3 systems was that I can wear a camera with couple of lenses on a belt, in small pouch or two.

But, I can't see a lady carrying these belt bags that I carry. So, if you need a handbag, GH3 vs GF6 would probably make a little difference.
I guess, you can have both GH3 and G5 and be happy. Lucky you!

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