a57 v d5100 for first DSLR

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Re: a57 v d5100 for first DSLR

My girlfriend and I went shopping for an entry DSLR a few months ago and came away with the A57. The EVF is extremely useful for shooting as a beginner as it gives a ton of feedback on exposure and white balance that you won't get from an OVF (electronic vs. optical viewfinder). The 18-55mm kit lens, however, is rather mediocre. I hear the other two options (as mentioned above) are notably better. That's a bit of a regret from our own purchase, we should have sprung for the 18-135mm from day one.

The other issue is that with Sony, you're buying into a less-established system. Lens selection and availability is not the same with Sony as Nikon offers. If your intention is to buy into a manufacturer and stick with it and upgrade through its ranks, Nikon holds an edge.

Boiled down, the A57 is probably the better camera for a new DSLR user, but Nikon has the better upgrade path.

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