G5 curiosity has gotten the better of me....

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Re: Remenber, the G6 is being announced in a couple of days.

jalywol wrote:

Well, apparently not til the end of April...and you know the price of it at start will be 799ish plus another 199 for the 45-150mm....so, instead, for $600 I get a good second body now, and the two lenses and a nice camera bag...and come out $400 ahead.  If I want to get a G6 when the pricing comes down around Christmas, then I can sell the G5 body if I wish, and probably get around $300 for it, which means I will lose very little on the deal if I go that way. Or, if they release a GX2 with a built in EVF, I could consider that...Or, if I decide I like the G5 enough to not want to upgrade for a while, then I come out even further ahead.

Not a bad set of options for a nice second body!


One nice thing about is they are supposed to ship with the 14-42 II lens. Same with the GF6. Approx. US $680.


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