X Rite Color Passport and DPMx?

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Re: X Rite Color Passport and DPMx?

Seanps wrote:

Thank you for the input everyone.

I also read about going x3f-tiff-dng in Lightroom so that makes the use of the passport with dng possible.

I will hold off on trying it for a while as it does not seem to have any rousing endorsements.

I will stick to my grey card for now - although I have heard that using this within SPP is not reliable - so I will use from within PS or LR on tiffs

Thanks again


FYI X3F is a Sigma RAW extension that has been used for all generations of Foveon-based Sigma cameras, yet the algorithms needed to interpret color, noise, etc... are different from sensor to sensor and unless the "cooking" part is properly identified, there is little chance that the raw developing capability of a software package will decode a Merrill-based raw file, not to mention firmware versions in the camera or possible changes in manufacturing in the same camera.

A good example is dcRaw, that claims for instance X3F for DP2 Merrill, yet it more data extraction than processing, interpolation, denoising or anything else.

It would make it easier if the flow of RAW development was quantified, with maybe values rating the color , denoise , lens processing abilities like for instance 4:4:4 or 4:2:0 so that one knows a full-fledge tool from a product that just passes the data along with some generic assumptive values.

Hopefully your gray card is good, as I read about someone with many 18% gray cards looking different, and the color aspect (CBL lens, Colorright, Zerocs) rather than gray has been discussed primarily in the Sigma forum, that is no surprise to me.

Actually there is a late thread on the CBL lens (and also last week contributions of BobNL & vbd70 showing color cards photographed with DP*M)



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