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Put me in the camp of "almost switching."  For me, it is not "do I need 35mm sensor," it is "I WANT a 35 mm SENSOR!"  If marketing doesn't want to listen to that, then I guess my money deserves to go to a competitor.

I grew up with K1000, still have a KX and MX, and my 3 sharpest lenses are K35f2, K55f1.8, and M50f4 macro.  I have used them plus many other M and A primes and zooms on a K-r body, and like the image quality, despite it being only 12MPix.  For me, being able to use these yummy all-metal manual focus lenses on a digital body makes photography enjoyable to me.

One option is to get a Ni**n with some older manual focus lenses, plus a couple AF zooms to round out the quiver of lenses.  I would do the same with Pentax 35mm digital sensor body if Pentax made one and some new AF lenses to go with it.  But I've waited too long, so Ni**n I go.  That will be about $3500 worth of new equipment that Pentax will miss out on me.  Heck I can still use my Metz Pentax flashes with wireless remotes in manual mode with that Ni**n and my flash meter.

In the off chance that Mr. Jim Malcolm reads this, the building negative sentiment in online social media will pretty much finish off the Pentax side of things.

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