85 1.4D and blurry daffodils

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Re: 85 1.4D and blurry daffodils

Keith Aitken wrote:


Nice shots - I like number 2 best. Daffs can be hard to get right, esp in sunshine, because the bright yellow can be overexposed, but these are just right

Thanks Keith, I like number 2 best as well, I use spot metering and the D200 does its job well.

In the first shot, the blurry daff at the top of the frame is slightly distracting. Another way to do this image might be to ctop out that top daff and just have the sharpness of the mauve blossoms against the general blurred OOF . . .

That daff was looking a bit frost bit, so I threw it out of focus, but the mauve as you say does look interesting on its own and does show how narrow the depth of field is at these stops.

I have the f/1.4D and also use it for floral images . . .

Flowers, portraits and depth of field are what I love most, so this lens is a dream, love it to bits, I started with the 50 1.4D which was a learning curve, and then the 80-200 2.8 ED which is also good but this lens is just so easy in comparison. Like the 50mm, the 85 is a gem when closed down for landscapes.

Comparing the 85 1.4D to the other versions, this one has the narrowest depth of field and looking at the photo-zone playing card tests, it is closer to the Canon 1.2L in the blur characteristics than the other Nikons, which is quite a surprise! though the Canon will let in more light obviously, but it does highlight that the design of being very sharp in the centre with large fall off either side was very much intended and a very clever design for its purpose, by landscape settings there is not much difference between all the 85's including Sigma. The other interesting fact is the new 85 has the same T stop of 1.7, despite the Nano coating.

This  f1.2 like characteristic is what some pro's are missing in the new lens, which will show itself in the blurred region between the eyes and hair in portrait photography, so now they still need both lenses!


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