G5 curiosity has gotten the better of me....

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Re: G5 curiosity has gotten the better of me....

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Welcome to the club, you may find it a fun experience

Well, I really loved my GH2, so I am hoping this will be an improved, small, version of it.  (I was hoping they would have put the G5/GH2 sensor in the GF6, but they did not, so this seemed like the best option for the second body for me).

Best option if you disregard Olympus, that is. See, if you decide to stick with Panasonic and want the best m4/3 sensor you have to buy a huge Hulk's camera, which GH3 is, Panasonic won't give you any other option.

G5 may be a good enough camera but it's still DSLR-sized camera, Panasonic won't let you to have the same image quality in GF form factor. If you though about freedom of choice - forget about it, you chose your brand.

I am a happy owner of E-PL5 and I don't even know what to think about people seriously considering GF6 with image quality similar to GX1 but without hot shoe and for a price similar to E-PL5.

I'm looking forward to it!

I'm not:) But I'm sure you will enjoy it and you will be able to take great photos with it. Human's ability to adapt to various constraints can make wonders.

Tried the EPL5.....could not see the LCD (too small for my presbyopic eyesight),  found the grip uncomfortable, and kept hitting the mode dial inadvertently. Plus, since I need an EVF, I prefer to have one attached to the camera, since it takes up less space that way than an add-on (when you leave it on all the time).  It just wasn't the right camera for me, so I sent it back.  G5, by the way, is NOT a big camera..it's not a heck of a lot different in size than the EPL1, although it has a better grip. (The GH3 isn't gigantic either, by the way, but it's not diminutive.  It's not the Hulk's camera...not by a LONG shot.)

I am glad you are happy with your EPL5, but honestly, it's not the right camera for everyone, especially if you prefer a decent sized LCD.  I'm just glad that there are two companies and lots of choices now in the format, so a lot of people can be happy with their options.


There isn't much disagreement between us.
I'm not trying to advocate E-PL5 but I think it's not appropriate to judge its ergonomics without optional $19 large grip. Sure, Olympus should have shipped camera with that grip by default and they didn't, but still, $19 is not a fortune.
And I agree that E-PL5 display resolution and dimensions can be limiting, but still, its LCD is a bit better visible in a bright sunlight than latest m4/3 2:3 OLED displays, it's an important factor for a person who doesn't use EVF, like me.

My comment was mostly about your hope to have GF6 with better sensor. If you require EVF you wouldn't be able to use it with GF6 anyway. But you were still hoping GF6 would have better sensor and it didn't happen, right? I think it's for the reasons I mentioned in previous post. That's mostly why I popped up.

You'll get G5 as a second body, so you'll basically be carrying two DSLR-shaped cameras without DSLR guts. While both G5 and GH3 may not be large enough to be qualified as Hulk's cameras they are still not nearly jacket-pocketable as GF6 or E-PL5 may be with pancake lens.

It's no biggie, though. My post isn't going to make as big influence as two DSLRs in your bag would do to your neck. If you can handle this weight you are certainly a guy big enough to not take my post seriously.
Just kidding:) Happy shooting!

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