LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Re: Oh, thanks for the "education" ...?

AndyW17 wrote:

What's up with the tone here, Ultimitsu?  The folks on this part of DPR tend to be cooperative and friendly.  Whether or not you or the other poster(s) are in agreement, or need to discuss further to build understanding, there's no need for ad hominem attacks.  Please.

We are not in complete disagreement. I agree that discussion should be civilised, proper and friendly.  We do however have slightly different view on what constitute a discussion.

Mr Ohlson's post which begin with "I'm sorry, you are the one who needs education" was a response to a reasoned post by myself - I explained why he was wrong and I cited a source proving my point. Mr Ohlson's post on the other hand was not written in a good spirit for discussion. That post contained no substance and does not further the discussion, instead it was a snide and arrogant bait for flame. If Mr Ohlson had nothing substantial to say, he should have said nothing, otherwise it would only attract responses such as the one in question.

So please, Mr Andy, I would encourage you to direct your annoyance to Mr Ohlson.

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