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robodoc wrote:

I only use the internal drive as a system drive. All my photos, music., etc are on external G-raid with removable swappable drives. Every week I rotate one out and keep offsite. I also have backup to cloud and to time machine. That way if there is a local disaster at home, I always have complete backup on hard drive off site, as well as cloud and time machine. I would never have all my files on just the internal drive or just one external hard drive in the same location. Just food for thought. The hot swappable drives from G-Raid have been magnificent so far; I have two units, each with 2 TB x2 drives, for total of 4TB external storage, with 3rd swappable drive for each unit. Pretty much failsafe!

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Jeffrey H. Ferguson

Well, my internal drive is my master (3TB Fusion). Every 6 hours CCC mounts an external 3TB drive and updates the clone on it. Every week or so I swap the external drive with one off-site.

My old iMac is still at home and I use ChronoSync to keep my Aperture Libraries up to date on it as well.

Both iMacs are fully backed up with Crashplan.

Pretty much failsafe.

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