Upgrade from D300 for a poor college student?

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Re: Upgrade from D300 for a poor college student?

I believe the lens advantage you're speaking of is more due to the resolution of the D600 vs. the D300 than it is to FX vs. DX - that is, you seem to be talking about shooting the 24-85VR on the D600 (at 24MP) and then comparing the result to the D300 (12MP). To do a fair comparison, you'd downsize to 12 MP, and then I think I agree the D600/24-85 shot will probably look better than the D300/ 17-55 shot.

This is not to put down the 24-85VR; I have it and use it quite a bit on the D800, so I'm familiar with what it can do on that body; but I think if you shot it on the D700 and compared the results to those from a D300 with the 17-55, you'd probably be more impressed with the shots from the latter combo.

Another alternative, though, if the OP wanted to go the D600 route, would be to actually shoot the 17-55 on the D600, and crop it (approximately a 1.2 crop, for roughly a 16MP image at the wide end) to remove the vignetting, if any. Note that the 17-55 is quite useable as an FX lens from about 28mm and up. On my D800, I can shoot my 17-55 using the 1.2 crop mode, and it gives me essentially a 22-66mm zoom and D600-equivalent resolution. I find the results slightly sharper than the images from my 24-85VR. But to shoot the 17-55 this way on the D600, you'd have to keep reminding yourself to frame in such a way as to allow for the crop in post-processing.

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