What do you think the chances are of seeing a larger-than-4/3 sensor in m4/3?

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Re: If they're smart, they SHOULD put an APS-C sensor in an m4/3 camera

Edgar Matias wrote:

Put a 23.4 x 15.6mm Sony APS-C sensor in a m4/3 camera, and you have a multi-aspect sensor that can handle everything from 16:9 to Square photos. It would be amazing!

It would be even BETTER than the multi-aspect sensor in the GH2. The GH2 couldn't do squares without changing the angle of view. An APS-C sensor could handle squares easily...

m4/3 lenses have a 21.6mm diagonal, so a square would be 15.27 x 15.27mm -- just slightly smaller than APS-C.

With Sony now supplying sensors to both Olympus and Panasonic, I hope one of them does it. It would be awesome.

Or, Sony themselves could do it.

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