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Re: Bob, did you switch to some other brand?

I left because of the arrogance (or ineptitude, can't figure out which) of Pentax, even under Ricoh.  Just looking for some sort of commitment to their intentions.  Nikon and Canon (and even Sony, Olympus and Fuji) have put a stake in the ground and let their potential users know where they stand.  Pentax seems to provide a haphazard, meandering approach to its products.

While it's out of my price range, the 645D is unbelieveable, as were the K-5 and K-30 when introduced (lack of vertical grip was a killer for me with the K-30 though).  The lens selection seems to go in spurts with different types of motors and cosmetics, and the prioritization on things like a 560mm are head-scratchers.  Heck, even the GRX is a beautiful and innovative camera (which predates the acquisition), which tells me that both Pentax and Ricoh have the DNA to make special cameras.

Pentax has a long history of redundancy (think of how may ZX - style bodies they put out during the early 90's and the *ist D, DL, DS, etc. with few true differentiable features), and it appears they're willing to continue to repeat themselves, even under new ownership.

I'm not in the camp that NEEDS full-frame, I just want to know once and for all if Pentax is going to screw me if I decide to load up on DA Limiteds.  If full-frame is in the cards, let's have some sort of timeline.

Japan seems to be amused with the Q series and all the colors.  To me, that is the only audience Pentax seems to be truly catering to.  That's not something Jim Malcolm will be able to influence if Pentax doesn't value his home market.

In the end, life's too short to continue to dwell on what Pentax is doing.  I need to move on to another brand with a clearer path (no brand has a "clear" path).  I'm happier now as a result, but the sad part is I was ready to spend thousands of dollars on Pentax gear instead.

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