LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Re: LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

ANAYV wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

kkardster wrote:

The sensor specs favor the RX100 but the brighter and sharper LX7 lens often makes up for its lesser sensor.

This is a common misconception.

LX7 does not have a faster lens.

LX7's lens is 4.7mm F1.4, aperture is 3.6mm in diameter, actual opening is 10.2mm2

RX100's lens is 10mm F1.8, aperture is 5.6mm in diameter, actual opening is 24.6mm2

RX100's lens lets in 150% more light. it is much much brighter.

Yes...but shoot both and the LX7 lens will give the faster shutter speeds.

No, LX7 will give faster shutter speed if both shoot at the same "ISO". but that ISO is not comparable on the two cameras with different sensor size and high iso performance.

If you are after the same IQ, for example 9bit DR, 30 db SNR, and 18bit colour depth, then RX100 is will allow you faster shutter speed.

Faster glass as far as exposure...yes the LX7 has ' fast' glass....can't dispel this.

No it doesnt. it just has a smaller FL / aperture ratio.

Put LX7 against full frame and all other things being equal, and both a lens on FF (f1.4) will give no faster shutter speed than the LX7 @ f1.4. Exposure is the same

But what do you mean by all other things being equal? is expected final image quality being equal? if so then FF can afford over 20 times faster shutter speed than LX7.

so one can use the LX7 full wide open, and keep iso lower than say a camera with f2.8

that would make the other camera use 2 stops higher iso, and can add more noise and NR smearing (if shooting jpeg).

Not if the other camera's iso400 is better than LX7's iso100 and iso800 is better than LX7's iso200.

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