LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Re: Trading misuse of words for misconceptions

morepix wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

This is a common misconception.

LX7 does not have a faster lens ... RX100's lens lets in 150% more light. it is much much brighter.

What you say is true, but that's not what most photographers (other than you, of course) mean when they say "fast" or "bright" about a lens.

"F1.4 is faster than F1.8" is only completely true when you compare the same FL and the same sensor size. During the reign of 135 format it was basically a given that when you compare a F1.4 lens to a F1.8 lens, you are comparing two 135 format lenses or equal or similar FL.

The whole thing has got messy since introduction of digital sensors that come in all different sizes. you may even have seen crazy marketing claims of "XXX smart phone features a larger aperture of F2.8". well F2.8 on a 1/4 inch sensor with 2mm lens is not all that large is it?

What people need to realize is that IQ of iso 100 on one camera is not the same as iso100 on another. Between RX100 and LX7 for example, RX100's iso 280 is about the same as LX7's ISO100. For a scene were  LX7 would use F1.4  1/50s iso 100, RX100 would use F1.8 1/50s, iso 165 to get the same exposure - RX100's image would have higher quality. Or the RX100 can do F1.8, 1/80s ISO 280, it would produce the same IQ as LX7 with 2/3 stop faster shutter speed.

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